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Panoramic Photomerge of Florence, Italy

8 separate photos and 2 clicks in Photoshop.  Why am I just now learning about Photoshop’s photomerge feature.

Florence Panoramic

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Oregon Weekend

I just finished adding the photos from this past weekends tour of Oregon.  Check them out here.

Oregon Weekend

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My New Job

Wow! This new job of mine is killing me already. After a full day of strategic planning while hiking through the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, I am going to have to file for worker’s comp for the blisters on my feet. Not sure sure how much longer I am going to be able to handle this type of work environment …

Columbia Gorge

Check out more pictures of the Columbia Gorge here.

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Puerto Vallarta Vacation

We just returned from a vacation to Puerto Vallarta!!! We planned very little, and by the last day, we learned how to relax. The highlight of the trip was an Outdoor Adventure tour consisting of a boat ride, mule ride, zip lines, and waterfall rappels.


Check out the rest of the pics here.


Sí Señor

A restaurant recommendation for the next time you are in Puerto Vallarta …

Eat at Sí Señor and you too can be waited on by Martin.


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