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Rock That Baby

Check out baby Foley’s debut performance.


My 4 Lap Ride Around Texas Motor Speedway

After the drive, I got to ride along with a trained driver for 4 laps around Texas Motor Speedway in traffic. I don’t know how those cars stick to the pavement and don’t slide into the wall.


My 10 Laps Around Texas Motor Speedway

My birthday present was a performance driving class, where I got to drive 10 laps around Texas Motor Speedway in a Sprint Cup car reaching 160 mph. That was my friend Steve in the orange car I passed early on.


Our Italy Vacation Photos

I finally uploaded our Italy photos to the site.  Check them out here.

Italy Vacation

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Panoramic Photomerge of Florence, Italy

8 separate photos and 2 clicks in Photoshop.  Why am I just now learning about Photoshop’s photomerge feature.

Florence Panoramic

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