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Checkout my first jQuery plugin: Galleriffic.

Galleriffic is a dynamic photo gallery optimized to handle a high volume of photos.  I would love feedback on how to improve this plugin.

10/05/2008 Update: Released v 0.7

  • Added support for multiple galleries per page
  • New 0.7 jAlbum skin release

9/30/2008 Update: Released v 0.6

  • Now supports graceful degradation (see example for updated instructions on how to set up your gallery)
  • Added configuration option to specify the number of slides to preload in advance

9/25/2008 Update: Released v 0.5

  • Replaced several lingering hardcoded titles and link text with settings values to allow for internationalization
  • Updated the jAlbum skin

9/20/2008 Update: Released v 0.4

  • Added support for onFadeOut and onFadeIn events (see example for how this can be used)
  • Removed unnecessary iframe that is created when using IE
  • Released a new jAlbum skin that makes creating static albums a breeze (View the demo)

9/17/2008 Update: Released v 0.3

  • Implemented additional options for title and description element selectors
  • To enable the ‘Download Link’, a link element selector is now needed

9/16/2008 Update: Released v 0.2

  • Reworked image preloading to load a single image at a time